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Booking a Repair

When you initially contact ATS4 Appliance we will check that you are in a covered location and your appliance type is one that we can repair. If you are in one of our areas and your appliance type is one that our network can repair, then one of our representatives will quote you the relevant Service Charge for the appliance type that you need repairing. Once the applicable Service Charge has been accepted by the you, the caller, our representative will take all the required information to book the repair and then allocate it to the  Engineer . Once your repair has been booked we will contact you within 2 Hours to confirm the details and arrange a suitable visit date / time. 

Speed of Service Delivery

ATS aim to offer Same day / Next day repairs. Same day / Next day repairs are classed as callout within 24 – 48 Hours. During busy times, times when Engineers are on Annual Leave or on Sick Leave and in some rural locations, it may be that we cannot hit that target. If ATS cannot offer an appointment within 24 / 48 Hours, you can cancel the repair at no charge. If this is the case, you might be asked if you would like to provisionally book just in case you cannot find anyone else to attend sooner. Provisional bookings are cancelable at any time at no cost.

What is included in my Fixed Fee Service Charge?

The Service Charge that you pay will include callout and all the labour time needed to carry out a diagnostic test or repair. Any parts that might be required to complete a repair are not included in this fee.

Service Charges are payable directly to the Engineer on the first visit to your property. In the case of rental properties / business properties where the bill payer will not be present, payment may be required at the point of booking. If an Engineer attends and diagnoses a fault which then leads to a repair quotation, the Service Charge is payable whether you decide to proceed or not. NAC does not offer free callouts / free estimates.

Guarantee Periods (Repair Guarantee)

All repairs completed by ATS come with a 6 Month (180 Day) Repair Guarantee. This is to ensure that the repair has been completed correctly. Should you need to have the engineer return after a repair, if the fault relates to what the engineer did on the previous visit, the Engineer will rectify any issue and there will be no further charge. If the Engineer attends and finds that the re-visit relates to a new fault or a separate fault that was not reported on the original repair booking, you may be required to pay a Callout Charge .

There are some repairs that are excluded from the Repair Guarantee. The following repairs do not carry a repair guarantee:

  • A repair carried out where a blockage / foreign body has been removed from the appliance

  • A repair to a Refrigeration Unit where a Refrigerant Recharge has taken place, such as a Re-Gas or a Compressor Change.

The following components are excluded from the Repair Guarantee:

  • Door parts, including handles, glass and fixtures

  • Door seals

  • Cosmetic parts including facias, trims and decor surrounds

  • Drum lifters / Paddles

  • Internal furniture including shelves, door shelves and baskets

  • Refrigeration Compressors

Invalidating Guarantee

Once ATS have completed a repair, a repair guarantee is made to ensure that the repair has been completed correctly. In instances where the customer claims that the repair has not been effective, the repairing Engineer must have the opportunity to inspect the appliance and if needed, rectify the issue. In the event that a 3rd Party or Independent Engineer has attended, we reserve the right to void any Guarantee Period. ATS will not reimburse any 3rd Party Service Fees nor refund for any previous repair if we have not had the opportunity to inspect the appliance before the intervention of a 3rd Party.

Spare Parts

All Engineers carry a selection of commonly used spare parts. Given the vast range of parts for all appliance types and makes / models, it is impossible for Engineers to carry everything therefore there may be instances where parts will need to be ordered. If parts need to be ordered, you will be advised of the cost and ETA of the spare part/s before agreeing to continuing with the repair. All spare part orders need to be paid for prior to ATS placing the part order. Spare parts are non returnable and non refundable once fitted unless they are faulty in which case we will replace any faulty part free of charge whilst it’s in our Guarantee Period.

“Fitted part/s but now also requires” – In instances where an Engineer determines by means of testing that a part is faulty, all efforts will be made to further investigate and identify any other faulty part on the appliance. In some instances, an Engineer might need to rectify one fault to find another, especially where PCB’s (Printed Circuit Boards) and other Control Devices are concerned. When a spare part has been identified as faulty and that part is later paid for and replaced, if another fault or part is then identified as faulty, we will quote you for the part in the same way. A part that has been fitted to your appliance is not returnable and non refundable unless the new part is faulty and / or the Engineer has mis-diagnosed the faulty part. In the event of a suspected mis-diagnosis, the Engineer will clearly demonstrate to the customer that the original part was faulty and needed replacing.

If a spare part is listed as Obsolete or No Longer Available by either the Manufacturer or our Direct Authorised Suppliers, we will inform you of this and give you an opportunity to source the parts from any Independent Spare Parts Distributer or other resources such as eBay or Amazon if they happen to have some old stock still available. Should you manage to find any Obsolete Parts, ATS will re-attend at no further cost to fit the parts to your appliance and complete the repair.

Spare Part Prices – Parts that ATS supply and fit are sourced either from Manufacturers directly or via a 3rd Party Distributer. Our prices are set by our Parts Department and all parts are quoted for before you agree to purchase the part from us. Once you have accepted the quote and paid for a spare part order, we do not reimburse any price difference if the same part can be found cheaper online. ATS will never indicate in any way that the price you pay is the cheapest available so we do not offer a Price Match on spare parts.

NAC can not complete a repair if the customer chooses to buy their own parts else where as we have to warranty any repair we carry out. Therefore, in the event of parts being available within 5-7 days, ATS must be the supplier of any spare parts needed to ensure that you receive your repair warranty.

Self Fitted Parts (parts fitted by customers) – Our Engineers are fully trained on the repair of Domestic Appliances and spare parts that we supply come from either Manufacturers directly or Authorised 3rd Party Distributers meaning that we can guarantee the source and quality of that spare part and the fitting methods and testing we use to fit any parts.

In the event where a customer decides to decline our spare part quote to purchase their own part independently and fit that part themselves to complete a repair to then find that it has not worked or there are further issues, ATS will no longer proceed with any repair free of charge or as included in the initial Service Charge as we did not supply that part nor did we fit it. ATS may offer to re-attend to inspect the fitting or part itself however there will be a further Service Charge.

Out of Stock Parts

In instances where parts are out of stock with our suppliers so they have been specially ordered, there may be a long delay for these parts. If your repair is affected by parts that are out of stock, you will be advised of the possible delay and given a maximum lead time before agreeing to the continuation of the repair prior to ATS  ordering the spare parts needed. All spare part orders need to be paid for prior to NAC placing the part order. Special Order parts are non cancelable and non refundable unless the lead time given to you passes. If any spare part exceeds the lead time and you wish to cancel the order, ATS will refund in full the cost of the spare part/s when a request has been made. We do not refund any Service Charge paid in this instance.

In instances where parts are out of stock and therefore we cannot guarantee to supply the parts within 28 days, you may source and purchase your own. If you purchase your own parts, we will re-attend at a later date to fit the parts at no extra cost to yourself. Parts supplied by you are not covered under the Recall Guarantee offered by ATS  It is your responsibility to correctly identify the model of the appliance to the independent parts supplier in order to obtain the correct part/s. We take no responsibility for any parts obtained by customers independently therefore if any part is incorrect or does not fit, the customer may be required to pay a Callout Charge  for the Engineers visit.

Canceling your repair

You may at any time cancel your repair and you will not be charged a Service Charge or you will receive a full refund of any Service Charge paid if the following conditions have been met:

  • You have canceled the repair before the engineer has attended by calling 01324 815159 

  • ATS are unable to attend your property within 3 working days. Saturdays & Sundays excluded


Service Charges are payable as soon as the Engineer attends your property. If an Engineer attends and diagnoses a fault which then leads to a repair quotation, the Service Charge is payable whether you decide to proceed or not. NAC does not offer free callouts / free estimates.

Privacy Policy

  • Personal Data – We do not share your details with with any 3rd parties that are not directly involved with your specific repair

  • Card Payments – We do not store credit card details nor do we share payment details with any 3rd parties

Refund Policy

If you have cancelled a repair and a refund has been agreed, an immediate refund will be given.

Complaints Procedure

In the unlikely event that you wish to make a complaint about your repair, please email your complaint to admin@atsscotland.co.uk  and ensure to include your ATS Job Reference in your email. All complaints need to be emailed so there is an audit trail of what’s being complained about and what the resolution was. Please note that staff at the ATS Contact Centre will be unable to help with any complaint over the telephone so as we are rigid in keeping complaints to emails and audit trails in place. Any complaint email will be investigated within 24 Hours of receipt and an ATS Representative will contact you to confirm that your complaint has been received and it is being investigated.

Call Recordings

All inbound and outbound calls are recorded for training and monitoring purposes.

Amending these Terms & Conditions

We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time and without notice. Any such changes will take effect when posted on the website and it is your responsibility to read these terms each time you place a booking. By placing a booking you are indicating your acceptance to be bound by the latest terms and conditions.

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