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Appliance repair service  Near Me Cumbernauld

Repair Washing Machine & washer dryers
Repair Ovens & Cookers
Repair Fridge Freezer
Repair Dishwashers
Repair Dryers

Appliance Repairs


Genuine Local Company

Call Ally 07407734204 

Repair Fee £49.99+ Parts

includes any return visits

to complete repair 

25 Years Experience 

90 Day Guarantee

Fully Insured 

Pay When Job Complete


appliance repairs cumbernauld - cookers - washing machines - fridge freezers - dishwashers - dryers

Appliance Technical Services

 Situated in Bonnybridge

and offers

 Appliance Repairs Services


And Surrounding Areas

Currys Authorised Service Partner

Our local appliance engineers have years of experience providing good quality and a high standard of work. Fast service value for money, most repairs are completed within 30 mins to an hour. our customer service staff are happy to answer your appliance repair questions whether its pricing or booking times we pride our communication with our customer's 

    appliance repair service Near Me Cumbernauld 

  • washing machines

  • dishwashers

  •  tumble dryers

  •  Samsung American Fridge Freezers Specialists

  •  ovens, cookers, hobs.


We repair most brands of domestic appliances including Bosch, Kenwood, Bush, Swan, Currys, Logik, Siemens, Neff, Miele, Hotpoint, Creda, Ariston, LG, Samsung, Whirlpool, AEG, Candy, Cannon,

Domestic Appliance Repair Service Areas Covered  

Cumbernauld  Kilsyth Croy

washing machine repair Cumbernauld

Washing Machine Repairs Cumbernauld

My washing machine won't start error message

the first thing to check is your manual as it may be a simple fault that you can clear yourself 

failing that please why not contact us for a repair washing machine Cumbernauld

My washing machine won't spin?

If your washing machine doesn't spin, check if there's an unbalanced load inside the appliance and if it's level on the surface. most modern appliances have large drums such 8k or 10 kilos if you put a small 4/5 kilo wash load in the appliance, you may find that it won't spin as the items have not balanced before the final spin 

The washing machine won't fill with water

If your washing machine isn't filling with water please check that the hoses are not kinked or that you have accidentally turned off the water valve under the sink f, if it's none of the above you may have a problem with the water valve or even the pressure chamber. This is something that would require troubleshooting by our appliance repairer Cumbernauld

Why won't my washing machine drain

If your washing machine has a filter check to see that it is not blocked 

 Usually, they can be found on the bottom of the appliance behind a little square or round door, if there is no filter rea on your washing machine you would require a service visit where the engineer would either unblock the drain pump or replace the drain pump if it is faulty

washing machine repairs Cumbernauld

Cooker Repairs Cumbernauld 

Oven faults can strike at any time and when they do, it can be a massive inconvenience.

We have been repairing ovens, both built-in and freestanding for over 25years  which has made Appliance Technical Services a top-rated cooker repair service near me Cumbernauld

The oven fan is turning but there's no heat 

this is more than likely be a fault with the fan element, in some cases the cooker can trip the fuse breaker when you reset the fuse the cooker will work but there will be no heat in the oven  we are specialists in  repair oven Cumbernauld

fan not working or making a noise

fan motors can fail when the bearings dry up, this can cause the fan blade to stick or become noisy we carry large stocks of cooker fans to make sure we get your cooker repair Cumbernauld up and running in no time 

Why did my electric cooker trip the electrics

more than likely the oven fan element has failed, our engineers carry at least 50 different types of oven fan elements to make sure you get a fast oven repair service in Cumbernauld 

Why does my oven keep burning the food 

It is more than likely the thermostat has failed this can be easily repaired  by our fully qualified cooker fixer near me 

cooker repair near me Cumbernauld
fridge freezer repair near me  Cumbernauld -including american fridge freezers

Fridge Freezer Repairs Cumbernauld

Our experience and knowledge with Fridge Freezers mean we come across a wide range of fridge freezer faults on a daily basis. If your fridge freezer has developed a fault chances are we've come across it before .why not contact us for fridge freezer repairs near me Cumbernauld

Fridge Freezers stop working when the room gets cold

most modern fridge freezers come with instructions as to the ambient room temperature, this means if the ambient range of the appliance is between +10 and +35  the fridge freezer won't work if the temp drops below 10 or reaches above 35 - so make sure to check the ambient ranges before you purchase a new appliance.

Why won't my Fridge Freezer work in my garage or shed in the winter 

again this is all due to the ambient temp range, if you buy a fridge freezer in the summer it will work ok, but when we get to the winter and the ambient temperature drops below the range set for the appliance you will find the appliance ill start to play up, ie fridge may seem ok but the freezer will have defrosted and refrozen, definitely an issue to watch out for 

Samsung American style fridge freezer is noisy and the fridge doesn't work

a very common issue on most American style appliances  Samsung is the worst offender 

this  generally means the fan units have failed we have a customer Samsung fridge freezer repair kit we sell as a DIY kit  and as part of our repair service

contact us today for all your Samsung American fridge freezer repairs in the Cumbernauld

Dishwasher Repairs

 Dishwasher repairs Cumbernauld

The dishwasher is not draining 

the first thing to check is the filters make sure they are not clogged up with food etc if this doesn't work the pump may be blocked or there may be a fault with the drain pump    

My dishwasher is not heating 

Most likely the heater but it can also be a fault PCB or sensor you will need a service call to rectify this issue contact us for your dishwasher repairs in Cumbernauld

The dishwasher door drops down too fast

this is door brake failure relatively common on the built-in dishwasher - luckily this issue is easily repaired contact us for repair dishwasher near me Cumbernauld 

Dishwasher not cleaning properly

this is mainly down to poor maintenance, its best to clear the filters every week, make sure the little spray holes in the arms are not blocked, check the filters are locked down, and most importantly rinse plates, etc before putting them in the dishwasher 

please contact us today for all your dishwasher repairs Cumbernauld

repairs to dishwashers in cumbernauld - near me

Top-rated Domestic Appliance Repairs


Book your domestic appliance repair in Cumbernauld today

Genuine local Appliance Appliance Engineers throughout Cumbernauld and surrounding areas

Get in touch today We’ll make all the arrangements and get our fully qualified appliance repairer to you without delay.

We are linked up to the UK,S biggest parts supplier to make sure your repair is not delayed 

Top Rated high-quality work at a competitive pricing 

One-off repair fee covers all callouts and labour to complete the repair 

any parts required are charged at MRP

All Repairs Fully Guaranteed 

all repairs are backed with our 6-month guarantee 

How much is a service call for appliance repair Cumbernauld?

The cost of appliance repair varies based on a number of factors, including what kind of appliance requires fixing, how old it is, and what's wrong with it. As a rule of thumb, you can expect appliance repair to cost anywhere between £49 and £140 

appliance brands we repair in Cumbernauld - aeg-beko-bosch-candy-cda-indesit-hoover-kenwood-logik-currys-neff-hotpoint-seimens-samsung-lg-lamona-zanussi-electrolux


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