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Washing Machine Fixed For Free Falkirk

You can fix your washing machine for free in some cases

  • if your washing won't drain

  • if it won't spin but you can see water inside

  • if there's a noise coming from the pump/filter area

this does depend entirely on your washing machine has a filter

this sometimes is not that obvious but in most cases, there will be a little square or round at the bottom of the front panel, sometimes the filter is hidden behind the plastic kickplate that you will need to pop off using a flat head screwdriver, etc

if you do have a lot of water inside the machine before you open the filter you can do this

#1 put towels down and then gently unscrew the filter a couple of times, don't take it right out the idea is to let the water seep out

#2 some appliances have a little filter drain hose that lets you drain the water away they are not great and you may just end up doing #1 towels, but they are useful if your appliance has 1

#3 if you can pull the washing machine forward making sure you have enough hose length to do so, you can then tip the appliance backward - this will keep 90% of the water away from the filter, you can then open up the filter and check for blockages

there is no easy way to check a filter once it's blocked and water is trapped in the appliance, the only way to prevent this is to 1 check your pockets for small objects hair clips coins etc, recently we have been removing a lot of face masks from washing machines

also, it is best to regularly check the filter once it's been in use

Here is A video from Ken @ UKWHITEGOODS showing how to check a filter

Please feel free to use our washing machine repair service Falkirk if you have checked your filter and are still having issues, in most cases it may be due to further blockages that are not accessible and require a service visit, our fee for this would be £49.99 this includes all labour/visits to remove any block items, parts would be extra if required.

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