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6 Common Washing Machine Repair Tips Cumbernauld

As always, whenever you work on electrical appliances, safety should be a top concern. Remove the power source to the washer before troubleshooting or attempting repairs.

Number 1 problem that we encounter is Washing machine not draining or spinning This can be as simple as checking the filter if your washing machine has one, if not you need to tip the appliance back and check the drum to pump hose has not been blocked, you may need to call in a professional appliance engineer in some cases where the pipes cant be accessed find us washing machine repairs near me Cumbernauld

The washing machine won't spin

This could be due to the appliance not draining - please read the section about not draining

#1 The biggest issue we come across is under loading or out-of-balance loading?

Ie you have an 8 kilo drum load but you only load it with 3-4 kilos, in most cases the washing machine may spin ok but there will be occasions where the load won't balance out and the washer won't spin

The best way to solve this issue is to put more items in the drum its best to have at least half the load capacity

The washing machine not spinning Cumbernauld

#2 check the carbon brushes

Unplug the appliance - pull it forward and tip it back you will see the front side of the motor where the brushes are situated - in most cases you will see the screws that hold the brushes in place, carefully unscrew the brush holders and check the length of the carbon brush - they should be minimum 10 mm , any shorter than that they will need changed, some modern appliance don't have brushes and you may not be able to access the motor this way we would recommend to call a washing machine repair engineer near me Cumbernauld if you come across an appliance that you are not able to check

#3 motor not spinning - you could be unlucky to find that the motor is faulty and needs to be replaced or the pcb module that controls the motor could be faulty in both cases you would be better to call in an appliance repair service near me Cumbernauld

Washing machine leaking

#1 most common culprit is the door seal

Check around the front lip to check there is no rips or tears

#2 make sure the soap dispenser is not clogged up with soap powder or conditioner

#3 the washing machine is leaking when the appliance is switched off - this will more than likely to do with the water fill hose, check that it is tightly screwed onto the valve, in some cases you need to replace the fill hose if it still leaks

#4 can be an idea to tip the washing back and have a look at the sump hose -

If you have done all these checks but still can't find the leak please call us washing machine repair service near me Cumbernauld

The washing machine is noisy

#1 something is caught in the pump or filter

If you have a front filter this can be easily fixed simply unscrew the filter and remove anything that shouldn't be in there

If the noise is still there you may have something stuck in the pump - the best way to check the pump is to tip the washing machine back and look under near the filter area - the pump is normally screwed onto the filter with 3-4 screws - take out the screws and pull the pump away from the filter, be careful to look for anything that falls out, have a good look at the pump impeller checking for damage, also check in the filter area where the pump is attached to

If the pump is still noisy we would recommend replacing it , its not to hard to do this but if you would feel better calling in an expert please call us washing machine repair service near me Cumbernauld

No water going into the machine

#1 check no one has accidentally turned the little plastic valve off under the sink

#2 check the fill hose has not been kinked

#3 water inlet valve may be faulty you would need a multimeter to check this

They can be inexpensive so it could be worth buying a new valve and trying it , failing that you may need to call for a washing machine repair service near me Cumbernauld

The washing machine wont take soap away

#1 soap dispenser housing especially the roof area will need to be cleaned, this can be done with a dishwasher brush or steam gun, etc

# the water inlet valve could be faulty - please check the section about water valves for help on this

Washing in Cumbernauld smells

#1 number 1 culprit is liquid soaps and low temp short programs, liquid soaps contain no bleach therefore can cause the bacteria and mildew to build up

We recommend using a combination of powder soaps and liquids and or carrying out a service wash once a month - best way to do this is to buy a biological powder and put it in the drum, set the appliance on a 60-degree wash = the heat and the biological powder will remove any residue that has built up, you may need to do a few services washes to start with, alternatively, there are a few washing machine cleaners on the market

Please also see our appliance repair service near me for further help and advice

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